The use of heavy machinery is becoming more and more common in construction projects of all sizes because efficiency has become one of the most important factors. Backhoes, bobcats, dump trucks and excavators are becoming common sights at construction sites.

Due to the versatility of the excavator, it has become a common fixture in construction projects throughout British Columbia. At Amigo Trucking & Excavating, we rent out various types of excavators.

Versatility of the excavator

We rent out excavators for a wide variety of jobs including landscaping, exploration, mining, roadworks, and house construction. Rentals of an Excavator in Kamloops are usually used in trench formation, underground digging, tunneling, wall shaft removal, or earthwork. On the other hand, excavator Vernon rentals, when properly used, help the entire project move forward smoothly and swiftly.

You can see our machines’ contributions in British Columbia by looking at parks in Kamloops, a government building in Vernon or several housing projects in Sicamous.

Advantages of working with Amigo Trucking & Excavating

Using our machines allows builders to complete projects ahead of schedule. Not only does our excavator in Sicamous increase efficiency, but they also reduce manpower and money required for a project.

In Chase, our excavators  kept in a constant state of excellence through repeated maintenance and replacement of worn out components. They also come in different sizes, allowing you to pick the one best suited to your project.

The efficiency of our excavators

Our excavators in Salmon Arm can remove huge quantities of soil and we can also provide other machines that can be used to dump unneeded soil.

Our excavators are hydraulically operated and work smoothly. If you wanted to operate our machines yourself, you’d be able to run them smoothly and with no problems.

Prominence across British Columbia

Over the last few decades, we have steadily added newer and more advanced machines to our inventory. Because of this, we have steadily grown our company and are now considered one of the best earthworks companies in British Columbia.

If you represent a construction company and want to contract our services or if you’re a homeowner and want to trust us with your project, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out.