Water & Septic Systems

Water & Septic Systems

At Amigo Trucking & Excavating we focus on high quality water systems and septic systems.  Plumbing systems are a part of everyday life that must be monitored and maintained to assure proper functioning.  Correctly installed water systems and septic systems ensure that waste water flows to the right tanks and drainage zones after collecting impurities from respective sources.  In order to keep septic and water channels running as designed it’s imperative to have expertly serviced pipes and systems to preserve and protect the integrity of the structure and disposal.  Water systems and septic systems require a diverse amount of distances, extensions, machinery, craftsmanship and parts all of which we have spent years perfecting.

Water and Septic System Services

At Amigo Trucking & Excavating we not only rent water system and septic system machinery but we also plan, design, implement and manage individual projects as well. Our company has a wide range of experience when it comes to British Columbia commercial and residential water systems and septic systems which is why it’s easy for clients to put their trust in our abilities and services. It’s our customer first approach and high attention to details that always allows for complete job satisfaction and successful project completion. We have a strong history with Kamloops septic systems and Kamloops water systems and Chase septic systems and Chase water systems enriching us with the knowledge and expertise to cover a variety of proposals and blueprints.

Drainage Water and Septic Systems

At Amigo Trucking & Excavating we provide the planning, digging and preparing of drainage trenches for water systems and septic systems utilizing exacting standards, top of the line products and a first class trained staff. From Salmon Arm water systems and septic systems, to Vernon septic systems water systems, to Sicamous septic systems and water systems we cover all major brands and products when it comes to drainage application and implementation. Building trenches and laying down drainage pipes are complex and difficult tasks that should always be left up to a professional septic systems and water systems company to allow for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  There are many factors that need to be considered when excavating trenches for drainage lines all of which we can handle from project start to project finish.

Water & Septic Systems Machinery

At Amigo Trucking & Excavating we have provided machinery for water systems, septic systems and drainage lines for over forty years. Our excavators, dump trucks, and backhoes have been used in projects all over British Columbia in cities and towns such as Salmon Arm, Chase, Sicamous, Kamloops, Vernon and more. Upon application approval our machine operators will calculate exact measurements, dig the trenches where drainage lines will be laid, dispose of materials in accordance with local area regulations and help expedite a perfect project completion. In regards to renting and scheduling the use of water and septic systems machinery we can accomodate a vast array of requests and needs so do not hesitate to reach out for further information.

If you are looking for the very best in water systems, septic systems, drainage services and machinery scheduling in the areas of Salmon Arm, Chase, Sicamous, Kamloops, Vernon British Columbia please give us a call today for an expert consultation. We also highly encourage you to review our past clients testimonials to get a better understanding of the high quality service we provide.

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