Backfilling refers to refilling an excavated hole with material that may have been previously dug out of it. Excavating earth and piling it up in another place is essential during landscaping. Also, construction companies frequently require backfilling to refill trenches dug during their projects.

If you’ve ever worked at a construction site or landscaping area, you must have noticed backfilling occurring. Manual labor can be used for backfilling, but it becomes too expensive, time-consuming and altogether too inefficient when used on larger sites.

Here at Amigo Trucking, we provide heavy machinery to help with your backfilling in Kamloops. We can provide dump trucks, backhoes, and excavators to help you complete your project. Our background in this field has taught us a lot about our work, and you’ll see our experience firsthand if you look at our past projects. We’re at your disposal throughout BC.

Backfilling – a necessity

Construction companies know that when you dig a trench, you need to refill it. Open trenches are safety hazards, health hazards (if they fill up with water), and can potentially weaken structures. Excavating earth and creating huge holes is relatively easy – refilling it requires technical know-how.

As mentioned above, you could use manual labor, but you’ll end up spending more time and money while also exposing laborers to physical injury. Amigo Trucking can provide you with any machinery you might require to do backfilling Salmon Arm.

Adherence to safety rules and procedures

Backfilling Vernon can be a dangerous task if done incorrectly. We always follow safety procedures to a “T”. When refilling, we’ll carry out the process layer by layer, compacting each layer properly to reduce chances of collapse. If necessary, we’ll even moisten the soil to compact it when layering. Soil moistening is particularly useful when mounds need to be set up quickly or cratered earth requires filling.

We have years of experience in backfilling in Chase, which is how we know what problems you’re likely to face in your project and how to prevent them. For example, we’re aware of the problems ‘jetting’ or flooding backfill creates.

Clients from all over the Thompson Okanagan region use our machinery and we have a background of over four decades providing backfilling in Sicamous. Our machinery is always well-maintained and will help you get your work done with little to no stress, which is why we are one of the most prominent company for earth moving projects throughout BC.