In this day and age, machines are replacing manual labor in many activities, and for good reason. Construction projects can be larger and therefore require heavy equipment for earthwork and other jobs. For projects like landscaping, home construction, excavation, backfilling, and septic system setup in Sicamous, machines such as the bobcat are essential.

Projects across British Columbia

Amigo Trucking has been involved in a many public and private projects throughout British Columbia. These projects include landscaping, setting up drainage systems, roadwork, as well as construction of home and public buildings. This has created demand for machines such as bobcats, excavators, and dump trucks.

Excavators can be used for removing huge quantities of earth and redepositing them in a different place. While excavation is a huge part of any project, it isn’t the only one, which is why we can also supply bobcats for several other operations.

Extensive experience in projects

We rent out our machines and also participate directly in individual projects throughout British Columbia. We are renowned for a number of construction projects in the area. For example, our Bobcat in Chase was used to level earth after backfilling or while constructing roads and drainage systems.

Versatility of bobcats

A bobcat in Kamloops has so many uses that it is essential to any construction project just as the rental of a bobcat in Salmon Arm.  While bobcats are highly useful in landscaping projects since they save landscapers a lot of time, money and manpower, a bobcat in Vernon is usually used for moving earth from place to place, leveling and filling huge trenches, and creating enough space for drainage systems.

Great work ethic

The Amigo Trucking has been taking part in construction projects for nearly four decades. We have created a name for ourselves through hard work and dedication. Contact us and we will help you complete your project in no time at all.