Dump Truck

In order to reach completion efficiently, construction and landscaping projects require highly specialized machinery. Such projects occur all over British Columbia in both the public and private sectors.

Whether you’re into house construction or roadwork, Amigo Trucking will provide a range of dump trucks for transportation of materials.

Uses of dump trucks

Landscaping projects, in particular, require huge amounts of material to be transported. The soil has to be taken away from the site and landscaping materials need to be brought in. Excavators can be used for digging the earth and loading it onto the trucks, after which hydraulic dump trucks can unload them in a safe place.

A dump truck in Kamloops is essential in any serious construction or landscaping project. Dump truck Salmon Arm rental is also used for transporting excavated earth and gravel and transporting goods and raw materials to project sites.

Our dump truck Vernon rentals will make it possible for you to transport a range of goods, thus allowing your project to run without any problems.

Variety of heavy machine inventory

Our standard dump trucks are hydraulically operated, reducing manpower required to do the job. These trucks can carry huge amounts of materials and always operate in accordance with local rules and regulations.

Since we have a variety of dump truck in Sicamous, you can pick the one most suitable for your project, depending on the materials you need to transport.

We also have semi-trailer bottom dumps, semi-trailer end dumps and transfer dump types of dump trucks. These trucks are useful when the material to be transported is in a smaller quantity.

We have even more varieties of dump truck for Chase, but the ones listed above are the most used in the BC region.

Adherence to local rules and regulations

Due to their size, local authorities have strict rules regarding dump trucks. All our machines are properly licensed and have passed local authority tests. We only transport the materials covered in our permits.

Our reputation of forty years precedes us in British Columbia, and we put our sweat and blood into every project we undertake.

Our dump trucks are well-maintained and kept in optimal condition throughout the year. Contract them and you will also attest to their efficiency.